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HEIVA - Tiurai - RAIATEA  


Uturoa - Avera  - Taputapuatea - Tevaitoa - Tumara'a


Heiva i Tahiti, is the new name given, in 1985 by President Gaston Flosse, to the festivities of Tiurai.


Indeed, each year during the Tiurai, July, so the Heiva now Polynesian population organizes and participates in the merrymaking. It is a magical month where locals and tourists can enjoy and discover the wonders of the Polynesian culture: himene (Tahitian songs), ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), racing outrigger canoes (Va'a), Polynesian games, the local gastronomy, etc, etc, etc ...


An event not to be missed!


To watch:


Heiva 2019 first dance group : Hitireva




Heiva 2019 Best dancer : Matatini MOU (Hitireva Group)





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